Submit your environmental project using AI, Deep learning or Machine learning to save our planet, and get the chance to win thousand of cash price to develop it.

Why organizing this hackathon?

You must be aware of the environmental issues and global warming caused by human activities, but have you ever tried to make things change?  Have you ever thought of how you could make a difference?

In a time when politicians and big firms often struggle to comprehend the urging aspect of fighting against climate change and its disastrous consequences on our collective  future, we believe it’s everyone’s responsibility to get involved and imagine innovative solutions that will save our planet.

These solutions will come from driven individuals from civil society, sustainability-minded NGOs and visionary entrepreneurs.  We encourage every part of the society to embrace the fight against climate change and incarnate the change they want to see in society.

Moreover, it is undeniable that the technological tools we have on hand are incredibly powerful and can change the fate of our planet if used correctly.

That’s why we ask you: how can we use technology to save our planet?

Here, we’re not talking about making a difference on a local scale, but by having an impact on a global scale.

This challenge, gathering the most important actors fighting global change, aims at funding the most innovative projects using new technologies to save our planet.

Here is your chance to make things change and use technological progress for the good of our planet!

  • All materials submitted remain your Intellectual Property, you don’t have any commitment regarding any of the partner

  • We refuse any lobbying of any kind

  • Agorize and its partners are engaged not to receive any kind of financial benefits (mettre lien vers charte signée)

  • All partners are committed to help projects into their development following the hackathon
Axis of reflexion

With the rise of new technologies like artificial intelligence, deep learning, blockchain, etc., it is now time to use these tools to fight climate change.

Relying on data, advances in hardware, emerging powerful algorithms, and an open source community that reduces barriers to entry for newcomers, these technologies can have a profound impact on climate change if used properly.

We encourage you to come up with solutions that use these technology to influence individual or collective behavior on a global scale.

How to take part in the hackathon?

You represent an NGO, a company or an institution which wants to act to preserve our planet?

- Open your data 
- Give some fundings to helps great project to develop their solution 

You are a hacker, a developer, a student, an employee or "just" an innovative mind who want to take action?

- Submit your idea
- Form a team 
- Spread the word 

Help us to spread the word and fight climate change!