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InVivo Quest

InVivo Match & Pitch Day Singapore

Looking for start-ups in Singapore with innovative solutions to help InVivo nurture the future!

  • Start-up


Val d'Oise Technopole | Schlumberger


Proposez votre projet d'entreprise dans le secteur de l'énergie et propulsez vos ambitions !

  • Start-up

Hébergement et accélération


Chinese Business Club Challenge

Technology contribution to Franco-Chinese cooperation

  • Start-up

Club membership, incubation programs, travels, ...



Startup Discovery 2018

The quickest way to work with AXA

  • Start-up

€30,000 for a pilot, mentoring sessions, learni...



Nissan Start-up Challenge

Charge your ideas to develop electric mobility in Norway!

  • Start-up

€20,000 for a pilot, visibility, networking


  • Público general
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    Attract the attention of major groups and potential clients. Show how your products, services and technologies address their strategic challenges and meet their operational needs. Expand your address book (and your order book).

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    Refine your technology

    Get feedback from companies in your sector to improve your products and services. Compete against other startups and identify new growth drivers. Use our challenges to boost your startup's development.

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