Future of Laundry

Help Electrolux redefine the use of laundry machines in China based on the principles of the shared economy.


Preparing the Laundry Business for the shared economy

Do you believe home appliance providers should initiate a strategic shift to fit the consumer behavior of the 21st century?

Laundry Machines have come a long way since the fifties, predominantly by adding additional features, because consumption methods remained pretty much unchanged. But the new economy is different as usage takes precedence over ownership.

Should Laundry Machines too evolve to fit today’s consumption behavior? Do you believe that China can/will be the leading market driving this change in the years to come? Redefine the usage of Laundry Machines, to adapt it to the modern Chinese consumer, and have the chance to see your ideas being taken to market in partnership with Electrolux.

If your start-up is already operating in the shared economy space, or has unique capabilities, or your team has an innovative idea, then this is the right challenge for you! To succeed, you will benefit from Electrolux’s industry expertise as well as gain valuable market knowledge, latest insights, and possible funding too. Below you will find sources of inspiration as well as industry-related macro questions your proposal should answer to ensure a right fit between your proposal and Electrolux’s current & future needs.

Take your chance to create what could be the next industry-standard service!

Inspiration brought from the principles of the shared economy

The top management of Electrolux has been intrigued by the rapid penetration of shared economy in numerous industries including hospitality, transportation, content etc. They are now exploring the feasibility of offering a laundry machine based on the very same principles. The elements below are to provide you inspiration and orientate your thoughts towards proven working solutions in the shared economy.

Considering them will increase the strength of your proposition, though not all of them are necessary to be included in your proposal.




Limit the applicable costs to the final customer to tailor it to his/her using behavior.

Leasing instead of buying

In a world where cars & homes are no longer bought, why should laundry machines be?

Decentralized appliances

Following a leasing and pay per use model, which methods could you explore to make one appliance available for several customers?

Connected Customers

How to implement additional functionality / improve user experience using simplified digital interfaces instead of traditional knobs?

Connected Devices

In a smart home context, how to integrate your Laundry Machine to your home infrastructure and optimize its overall activity? 


Your reflection should be built upon the modern Chinese customer as the main target. Therefore, consumer behavior, market constraints and the competitive landscape should be some of your main areas of focus. Do not limit your imagination.

Free your creativity and help Electrolux disrupt the industry for the better!

Timeline of the Challenge