Code Life Ventilator Challenge

To design a low-cost, simple, easy-to-use and easy-to-build ventilator that can serve the COVID patients, in an emergency timeframe.


Who qualifies as a medical professional? someone with formal clinical training and experience using ventilators on patients (vets with respiratory specialty could qualify), in case of doubt, describe experience in detail in your expertise section document
What documents are needed for the registration deadline Proof of medical professional (1 doc), tech professional (1 doc), resume of all team members (can be one doc or separate), proof may be either copy of license or badge, with the name and title legible
When will the updated specs be released March 23rd by end of day. Here
Where is the material list Our panel is working on this list. Teams are advised to consult publicly available lists of biocompatible material. 
Does every team member have to have an agorize account? Not by March 23rd, but by final submission, yes (because you can add new members until submission deadline).
Does a fully functioning prototype need to be finished by March 31st? Yes
Does FiO2 need to be fully controlled by the unit or can it be a calculated flow rate for a specific BPM set by the operator? The FiO2 needs to be set on the unit by the operator. 
Where can i get the ISO standard? ISO 80601-2-12:2020 Standard for Medical electrical equipment — Part 2-12 The ISO chapter is copyrighted and license requirements needed, we are not allowed to publish or share them. We will be providing compliance experts to teams that advance further.
Can the design include prebuilt parts? If so, what does it mean in rules that we must obtain agreements and grant the rights? The key point is you need to make sure you do not infringe the intellectual property of third parties. Buying commonly available parts (connectors, tube, screws, etc.) should be fine
Does the ventilator design need a humidifier? Yes, the inhaled air must be at standard humidity levels (i.e. ~40%)
Diameter of standard hospital tubes? We will verify but tenatively, 22mm
Does the technical professional need to be a P.Eng? (does it have to be elecitral eng. or any eng?) Someone with formal engineering qualifications who can ensure basic principles of device safety are met. 
Does the O2 tank already have a regulator to reduce the psi? Most hospitals have 50psi wall outlets for O2 and medical air, grab n'go O2 tanks are regulated to 50psi but all other tanks must have a regulator attached
Can members be added to a team after team creation deadline? Yes
Is it supposed to be invasive (intubated) or non-invasive (bipap/cpap) ventilator? intubated/invasive
What standards for testing willl be required? will it be entirely on the certificied engineers to assess? No, we will have compliance, testing, materials, engineering experts mentoring advanced teams to reach standards.
Why pressure controlled? Pressure controlled is much more simple and effective for this population (lower overall pressures and increased patient comfort) and does not require 2 gas sources
Who is this challenge open to? EVERYONE - including companies
Useful links/docs:  
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