Elia Open Innovation Challenge, Improve electricity forecasting

Elia Group wants to work with you to improve electricity generation and consumption forecasting!

Elia Group Open Innovation Challenge 2020 is now live!


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Team up with Elia Group!

Do you want to work with one of Europe's leading power system operators? Elia Group can make it happen!

Elia Group is committed to energy transition by supplying its users with clean, competitive and secure electricity. To do so, we balance electricity consumption and generation in real time, so we need your most creative and unconventional ideas to improve consumption and genration forecasting.

Does your start-up have a connection to big data, blockchain and AI, predictive analysis, or renewable energy? Take part in the Elia Start-up Challenge and try to win a proof-of-concept worth €20,000.

Elia Group is looking for innovative solutions that can be implemented into its current process and future development plans!

If your project is selected, you may have a chance to work on a joint project with a key player in European energy market. You and your start-up will help to guarantee network stability and support the energy transition.


How could you improve electricity generation
and consumption forecasting?

What could you win?

  • 1st

All finalist start-ups will benefit from considerable promotion at the Final Event. They will have the opportunity to build their network, meet some of Elia Group’s experts and forge potential partnerships!


If you win, you will receive a top prize of €20.000 to be used, in partnership with Elia Group to get your idea out of the lab and turn it into a solution that will benefit the whole of society!

The competition is open to a wide range of start-ups:

Decision-making process

Start-ups able to identify grid users’ decision-making processes. For example, could we create a forecasting system that takes into account the behaviour of load or generation?

Big data, Blockchain & IA

Start-ups able to use big data, Blockchain or artificial intelligence to build better models to forecast generation and consumption.

Predictive analysis

Start-ups able to communicate with grid users to better predict their behaviour. For example, knowing a family will be on holiday for two weeks could help to forecast their home’s consumption.

Any other markets

If your start-up does not fit into any of the categories listed here, do not worry - we are open to any other suggestions that could make the energy transition happen!  



Final Event in Brussels

The finalists will be invited to the Final Event in Brussels, where they will pitch their projects to Elia Groups top management and external experts, who will then choose the winning team.