Innovation Challenge for Carbon Management | Startup Challenge

Create a better future for the next generations through the Circular Economy!

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This challenge is open to startups across the world



Environmental Data Collection / Carbon Measurement


To measure companies’ environmental contributions or environmental loading, we need a variety of both digital and non-digital environmental data.

Data on carbon emissions are the most important datasets used to calculate occurring emissions across all 3 emission Scopes of a company. However, to realise our vision of an environmentally friendly society, we also need broader environmental data which is not only restricted to carbon emissions.

Please submit your solutions/ ideas to collect environmental data and help in creating a proactive carbon management system.

Some issues that could be tackled under this category include, but are not restricted to, the following:
  • Innovative sensing technologies that can digitise environmental activity and information
  • Effective data gathering tech or ecosystems from both open and closed data sources
  • Data trust and privacy solutions, in particular, through scope 1 to 3
  • EcoAssist-Enterprise for Environmental Information Management [LINK]
  • Visualizes Equipment or Services Usage of Renewable Energy [LINK]

New Services using Environmental Data


Up until recently, contributions to environmental protection were considered non-financial activities. However, to make companies accountable for their efforts, it has become necessary to quantify the value and impact of companies’ actions towards the environment - such as reducing their CO2 emissions.

For financial institutions, it is necessary to have investment and financing systems in place, and also plan and track corporate environmental actions in the long run. And for companies, it is necessary to have incentives in place to encourage actions taken to reduce their carbon footprint, such as access to carbon credits for example.

Please submit your ideas/solutions for digital or technological solutions to help in creating new incentive systems for companies to improve their environmental footprint.

Some issues which could be tackled under this category include, but are not restricted to, the following
  • Fintech services like tracing green finance usage
  • Simulations of the results of carbon reduction activities
  • Supporting the creation of new (carbon) credits, and pricing/trading it
  • Motivating environmental-related activities
  • Green energy certification with carbon cycle traceability (e.g. biomass/hydrogen/CO2/waste plastic)