Industry of the Future Challenge 2nd edition

Startups – innovate to build the industry of the future!

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Ecology in industry

If you help to reduce energy consumption, promote the use or recovery of recycled materials, or are interested in reducing factories’ carbon footprints to optimize their production costs, then this category is for you.


People at the heart of the plant

Are you looking to improve augmented operators’ performance? Essentially, can you provide solutions and/or technologies that can give operators a better understanding of the field and simplify their daily lives and their interactions with their teams and their industrial environment? Then step this way!


The connected plant

Are you passionate about connected logistics, robotics, Manufacturing Execution Systems, connected production lines, Plant Lifecycle Management, digital twins, or the future of business relationships? In short, are you focused on the future of industry and its digital transformation? Then you’re in the right place!



Is your startup focused on protecting people, IT equipment and data in the digital world? If your startup works in blockchain, IoT security, smart plant security, secure operator mobility, or another similar area, submit your project in this category.


Data science

Do you work in the world of big data or artificial intelligence (machine and deep learning, semantic technology) applied to industry? Do you collect data in this environment and/or make it meaningful? Submit your solution in this category for a chance to win the Atos Award!


Materials of the future

If you’re working on creating new materials or if you’re designing a promising and innovative coating (composites, polymers, ceramics, etc.) that could revolutionize the world of industry, we want to hear your solution!


Processes of the future

Does your startup operate in the field of manufacturing, working or processing materials, or in control methods? Have you come up with new processes that could transform today’s factories? Over to you!


Industry 4.0 Grand Prize

The jury will choose the winner of the ‘Industry 4.0 Grand Prize’ from the startups shortlisted for the final across all of the themes given above.


Jury’s favourite

Because everyone has the right to a helping hand and because helping to overcome the challenges faced by the future of industry is in itself a goal that deserves to be supported, the jury will choose their favourite startup.