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Innovation serving the city and its citizens

For the third year in a row, Le Monde is kicking off its urban innovation competition. The Le Monde Smart Cities Awards are intended to promote the best urban transformation projects deserving to receive greater attention, so that others can follow their example, adapting it if necessary to their own context.

As a company, municipality, association, student, individual, perhaps you have considered or started implementing an original and effective solution for your urban environment. Le Monde invites you introduce your project and apply for one of the Le Monde Smart Cities awards.

Smart and sustainable cities are aimed at improving services and quality of living, resilience, environmental protection, cost-cutting, and deeper democracies; they foster effective integration of information technologies all the while fundamentally drawing inspiration from the expectations and participation of citizens.

Whether it applies to an islet, neighbourhood or entire city, your project must address the issues at stake in smart and sustainable cities.

The Le Monde Smart Cities Awards wish to commend not institutions, but concrete solutions currently in development. These solutions need to stand out for their originality, effectiveness and impact on the urban area, in one of the six following areas:

Cultural action

This award will go to a social and/or digital innovation in the approach to urban cultural activities.


This award will commend a project that seeks to reduce the carbon footprint of cities by either reducing their consumption or improving their energy efficiency.

Housing & urban planning

This award will commend an innovative project in terms of urban living areas (residential, offices, new materials, etc.).

Urban innovation

This award will go to a technological and/or social and/or circular economy innovation, applied to the urban context.


This award will go to a project that fosters mobility on a more life-size scale, more economical and respectful of the environment.

Citizen engagement

This award will commend a democratic, horizontal process in which citizens take on a part in developing and managing physical and virtual urban spaces and services.

Why take part ?

In addition to the above awards, for which applications are open, the judging panel will award a Grand Prize. The Grand Prize is not limited to any specific category: the judging panel will award it to the project that stands out most for its innovative approach.

Each award-winner of the 6 categories will receive a €1,000 check, while the Grand Prize will carry an award of €2,000.
All winning projects will be written up in an article to be published on Le Monde's website.

Open to all individuals, private companies, public municipal associations or institutions, this competition offers the opportunity to participate at either the European or World level.

Does the adventure sound enticing? Wait no longer, go to the Modalities for more information!

Be rewarded for your project


The project that will win the Judges’ Grand Prize will be rewarded with a €2,000 cheque.


Each Le Monde Smart Cities Award laureate will be rewarded with a €1,000 cheque.


Each winning projects will benefit from a dedicated article, published on Le Monde's website.


World Awards Ceremony

The World Ceremony for the "Le Monde" Smart Cities Award will be held in Singapore, in July 2018. 

Is your project non-European in scope?

The World-Wide “Le Monde" Smart Cities Innovation Awards

If you developed your project in a non-European country, there is another competition for you.