#NexGenLeaders Challenge

¡Acompaña al ECS Group en su proceso de innovación!

Looking back at the #NexGenLeaders challenge

 In January 2019, ECS Group launched its first open innovation challenge for students, startups & ECS Group's employees around the world.
The goal? To revolutionize the air cargo industry! 
The challenge came to an end on June 5th where the 10 finalists were invited to the Air Cargo Europe.
Here's an exclusive look at the challenge:

Congratulations to the 3 winners!

Congratulations to the 3 winning teams for your great projets and your perseverance throughout this challenge. 
The winning employee project :  Cargo Assistant from Jonatan Jiménez
   The winning startup project : Clive the selfie app from Niall Van de wouw
   The winning student project : Augmented by DCK from Rutger Smulders