Play Your Airfield

Together, we are building the future of the ADP Group and its airfields!

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Welcome to the challenge Play Your Airfield 

The climate crisis is forcing us to rethink our practices, and aviation is at the forefront of it, marking a turning point in its history. Indeed, the sector has begun its environmental transition, and aims to meet the ecological challenges of our century.

The presence of an airfield is a great opportunity. It must act as a catalyst for projects that serve its territory and its inhabitants.

The aim is to make the Toussus-le-Noble and Lognes-Emerainville airfields benchmarks in terms of innovation, sustainable development and synergies with their surroundings.

Do you work in a startup, a SME, an ETI, a large group or an association and do you think your organization could have a positive impact on the aerodromes of tomorrow?

Propose your solution and have the opportunity to develop your project with the ADP group on the Toussus le Noble or Lognes-Emerainville airfields: 1st and 2nd French airfields, 5th and 10th French airport in number of movements!

If the project works, it may stand a chance to be financed and deployed on potentially all the ADP Group's airfields in the Ile-de-France! 

Find out more about the ADP Group's CSR policy 

Find out more about the ADP Group's CSR policy


Reducing the carbon and noise footprint of aerodromes

Ideate and propose solutions to reduce the carbon and noise footprint of airfields.



Development of new uses for aerodromes lands

Take advantage of the aerodromes' surfaces to propose innovative projects around decarbonation, renewable energies, biodiversity, and the circular economy...


Territorial and social dynamization through culture, education and training

Develop projects offering territorial and social dynamization through culture, education, training or event organization



Open category

Propose value-added innovations that have the potential to enrich the aerodromes experience and business.



The prizes to be won

  • 1st


Innovative potential projects stand a chance to negotiate a business deal with the ADP Group.

- Visibility on the ADP Group's social networks.

Opportunities to engage with the investment structure of the ADP Group's innovation division.

Pitch your solutions in front of A pitch on the ADP Group pavilion at the next International Air and Space Show at Le Bourget in 2023 (travel expenses are not covered) 

Benefit from:
- The expertise of the ADP group in France and internationally
- The support and guidance of its experts to develop your projects

Final Event

The final event will take place in the Atrium of the ADP Group headquarters in Roissy (France) in the presence of the members of the Jury and ADP Group employees.

During this event, a 5-minute pitch will be requested from each of the winners.

This event is scheduled for the end of March/beginning of April 2023!