Resilient HK Challenge

Help Hong Kong adapt, overcome and grow beyond its challenges as a resilient city.

Final Event

After 2+ months of preparation, we have finally crossed the finish line in determining our Top 3 Winners of the Resilient HK Challenge.
Inside 5 mins, our 12 finalists pitched for their different ideas on how to improve the resiliency of Hong Kong, including solutions for cleaner environment, improved support for minorities, tackling mental health issues and so on!
We are fortunate to have our valued jury panel to help us decide on the most suitable picks for this challenge, and they are:
  • Alyssa Berggren - Senior Manager @ Shared Valued, New World Development
  • Aurélie Wen - CEO @ Agorize Asia
  • Jeffrey Broer - Co-Director @ Founder Institute Hong Kong
  • Korey Lee - Vice President, Data @ South China Morning Post
  • Pubs Abayasiri - Associate Director @ CLP Innovation Enterprises Limited
  • Ricky Tsui - Director of R&D @ ARUP
  • Sammi Wong - Associate Director @ HKSTP Ventures
  • Terence Leung - Senior Manager - E-Sports & Youth Team @ Cyberport
  • Thierry Halbroth - Associate Partner @ EY
After a long and difficult deliberation, together we have come up with the final results and they are...
GreenCoat is an autonomous smart window system that harnesses the power of new plasma technology to provide a green form of heating and cooling that supersedes costly existing HVAC systems.
Congratulations to Oliver Pang, Krystal Au, Frances Xiao, Tiffany Yuen, and Gzing Saddi!
1ST RUNNER UP: Clearbot
Clearbot is a swarm of trash collecting robots that use AI-Vision to detect and collect trash from water bodies. It is 15x cheaper, has 5x more reach and collects 2x more trash per day.
Congratulations to Sidhant Gupta!
Help4Help is a mobile application that provides support for foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong
Congratulations to Mikaela Sun, Matthew Tan, Shivani Singh, and Felix Lam!
Congratulations also to all our Top 12 Finalists for making to the final stage, which were carefully picked by our judges from 1st round of screening. They are (in no particular order):
  • Leaply
  • Bin-e Smart Waste Bin
  • Millea
  • Recyclo
  • Winpar
  • WeavAir
  • HeartChat 聊心
  • HK Breathe

Special thanks to all our supporting partners, judges and mentors for all the support along the way. Again, we hope the innovation doesn't stop here but this challenge serves as a boost to all the ideas presented today!

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