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Your startup uses Artificial Intelligence technologies to disrupt everyday life? Join the AI Challenge and bring your startup to the next level. 

The Final

The AI Challenge Startup final was held on September 14th, 2017 in the stunning One Point's offices located in Trocadero, Paris. After 4 months of intense work, the 5 finalist teams, selected from 88 startups in over 20 countries and 16 different industries had to present their project in 4 minutes only!

They had to pitch in front of an exceptional jury of innovation experts coming from Volkswagen Financial Services, Deutsch Telekom and One point. After the presentation the different teams had 4 more minutes to answer questions from the jury. Each team submitted mind-blowing ideas in the field of client experience, machine learning and human intervention.

Here is the final ranking of this inspiring event:





«Nyris understands pixels. The company finds products and objects inside images and videos. Their unique concept enables them to deliver fastest and most accurate results. They identified 2 possible use cases for Volkswagen Financial Services: a B2C app with the function "snap a car and get a leasing agreement" or a B2B app with the function "snap a damage at a car and automatically define the costs of repair". For Telekom we see the use of an additional visual search interface inside a home assistant. »

Anna Lukasson-Herzig - Markus Lukasson.





« Carpay Diem allows drivers to take fuel and pay with their smartphone or connected car with a seamless user experience. In the meantime, we increase sales and customers loyalty toward the gas stations. »

Frédéric Stiernon.





« AIPARK is using deep learning and computer vision technology to develop Germany's largest and most accurate dynamic parking area map. By analyzing floating car data from millions of probe vehicles, we are able to guide you straight to the spots with the highest parking chance. »

Johannes Riedel - Mathias Rudnik.





« Deckard Intelligence is the AI engine built for agile teams. It provides reliable time estimations and helps optimize sprint planning and increase team performance. Turn your backlog data into a productive workflow.»

Tamara Radakovic - Nicolas Aurelien.





« As cars progressively evolve into the next living and working space, user-friendliness of infotainment and entertainment applications will play a key role to win the race towards the preferred smart vehicle. In the momentum and revolution of such digital transformation, Musimap promotes smart mobility solutions by delivering a singular seamless music journey through intelligent personalized music recommendation, navigation and discovery.»

Vincent Favrat.