Code Life Ventilator Challenge

To design a low-cost, simple, easy-to-use and easy-to-build ventilator that can serve the COVID patients, in an emergency timeframe.

Code Life Challenge Finalists are:


(Brazil, Paraná)

Haply OpenSource Ventilator

(Canada, Québec)

Lung Carburetor

(Canada, Québec)

 Wednesday, May 6th, 10.30 AM 

Semi-finalists are:
YGK Modular Ventilator
(Canada, Ontario)
Haply OpenSource Ventilator
(Canada, Québec)
(Brazil, Paraná)
(Canada, Québec)
(Canada, Québec)
(Canada, Ontario)
(Canada, Québec)
Lung Carburetor
(Canada, Québec)
(Canada, British Columbia)
While the selected teams for the main Code Life Challenge are eagerly working with their mentors the rest of the participants had the chance to take part in the Participant's Choice Award. 73 teams shared their projects in a demo video with their peers. The participants had then the chance to invest in each other with virtual coins.
In the meantime, the selected teams are finalizing. They are still in the process of testing and judging for the TOP 3. To be announced soon.
Participants Choice Award:
3,003,500 coins
Arab Designer Team
1,793,400 coins
Lung Evolve
1,292,500 coins
1,207,000 coins
Elabore vs COVID
1,188,400 coins
1Avontrust PandemicX
1,000,000 coins
910,500 coins
871,400 coins
826,400 coins
640,000 coins

Thanks to the 2600 participants who answered the call!

Submissions for the Code Life Ventilator Challenge closed on March 31.
The Montreal General Hospital Foundation and the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Center are honoured to announce that an unexpected number of applications and projects were received. Now more than ever, we are convinced that the solutions we offer can make a tangible difference in the treatment of patients affected by COVID-19 worldwide
Key figures
- 2639 participants
- 1029 teams
- 94 participating countries
We sincerely wish to thank all the stakeholders who have helped us launch this initiative and all those who have contacted us over the course of this challenge to offer their support: Media, Subject Matter Experts, Technical Experts, Manufacturers, etc. It is not too late if you still wish to get involved. We welcome your expertise (manufacturing, technical or other) here
A special thank you goes out to our partners: The Faculty of Engineering at McGill University, The National Research Council of Canada (NRC), Dassault Systems, Fasken and AON 3DThe Montreal General Hospital Foundation also wishes to applaud the generosity of all the donors who made this initiative possible. Thank you!