Sports Analytics Challenge

Participate in a unique contest: revolutionise football using your science skills!

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This challenge is open to students and the general public internationally


A 4-Step Path

Stage 1 - Submit application

(Until 15 April 2019 - 11h59pm GMT+2)


Entrants should create an algorithm that will help optimise sports performance using the data set provided by Opta. Following analysis, the most effective algorithms will be selected. 11 semi-finalists will be chosen for a Skype interview with the competition organisers.


Stage 2 - Select finalists - Video interview

(22-23 April 2019)

11 entrants will be selected for a video interview lasting around 20 minutes with the challenge organisers. They will be tested on their ability to explain their methodology. Entrants must explain their results and any issues they faced when designing their algorithm.

Stage 3 - Data set

(From 24 April to 20 May 2019)


The five finalists will have to put themselves in the shoes of a Paris Saint-Germain analyst with a specific problem, using tracking data provided by STATS. They can receive help from a mentor at this stage. They will present their results during the Grand Final on 21 May 2019 at Parc des Princes.


Stage 4 - Final

(20-21 May 2019 at Parc des Princes)

The five finalists will present their work to analysts from Europe’s best football clubs during the Striving for Excellence conference at Parc des Princes. The entrant with the most effective algorithm will be named the winner of the challenge! Travel and accommodation expenses will be fully reimbursed.