Hacking Covid-19 Africa

Startups, associations, specialists and experts, students and even ordinary citizens can participate in Hacking Covid-19 Africa to prepare for the post-crisis period.

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Impactor (Creating a team for your project)

Are you a start-up, an organisation or simply an individual with an easily adaptable project which can respond to the problems caused by the COVID-19 crisis in Africa? Do you want to access external expertise to adapt it quickly? Enter your idea / project and what you need to make it happen.

You're an Impactor? Click on "Create a team" and pitch your project:
- What problem does your project address? (100 words)
- What is the solution you propose? (100 words)
- Who is your solution for? (100 words)

Hacker (Joining a team on their project)
Are you a developer, designer, marketer, engineer or just curious and resourceful? Your skills and energy are valuable for adapting and realizing positive projects for African society. Identify your strengths and skills and the project area you would like to contribute to.

 You're a Hacker ? Click on "Join a team"

Mentor (intervention after project selection)

Are you an expert in tech, business, innovation, or the African market? Do you want to promote goodwill and help to realize development projects in Africa? Sign up to allow Impactors and Hackers to solicit ad hoc, targeted advice from you, to give crucial support for the development of their solutions.