Digital Acceleration for Asset Management Industry

Transformation for Asset Management

The Investment Management Association of Singapore (IMAS) is proud to be collaborating with the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) to bring our Digital Accelerator Programme (DAP) to its next phase. Riding on the national innovation programme, the Open Innovation Platform (OIP) run by the IMDA, we make this 2nd iteration of the DAP bigger and better with more prizes and greater access to the asset management world, thereby increasing the chance of commercialization of digital solutions. As the national association for asset management, we seek to bring the best and brightest tech firms which can create and customize innovative digital solutions to meet the needs of the asset management space.

The Problem Statements

How might we more effectively and confidently scan the regulatory environment to identify change and assess its impact, and efficiently manage change to ensure compliance in our businesses across all the jurisdictions we operate in?

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How might we create solution that provides robust investment models, takes into account the huge amounts of data that are available for analysis, in order to come up with well-timed actionable investment recommendations that results in market outperformance, after taking into account all possible slippage costs?

How might we use data analytics to better understand our customers so we can develop financial and non-financial offerings that will not only address their current and emerging needs but to also enhance our engagement with them in their investment decision journey?

How might we automate the production of ESG performance reports using our current data sources, providing compelling and salient reports for our clients?

How might we more efficiently on-board institutional customers, both in Singapore and abroad, so that we can confidently and legally begin to service them?

How can we use technology to better quantify sustainable (ESG) impact of a portfolio?

How might we utilise a gaming platform to build investment knowledge and learn the basic principles of investing for retail investors for better and well-informed investment decisions?

How might we make information and access to non-traditional private funds more readily available for individual investors, providing them equal opportunity to invest in these funds without additional administrative or cost burdens for both the investors and fund managers?

How might portfolio managers make more informed investment decisions by bridging both internal and external data in a structured and unstructured context, with a user-friendly assessment framework?

How might we improve our internal processes and derive relevant insights, particularly through utilising our data, in order to operate more effectively and efficiently?

The Timeline 

The Prizes


The Platform to
Access the Industry

Finalists for each challenge will be invited to showcase their solution to the industry at the 2020 DAP Showcase event in Singapore on 26 March 2020 (travel allowance available)*. The top 3 teams selected will then be invited to pitch to a wider industry audience at the IMAS-Bloomberg Investment Conference 2020 on 29 April 2020.

*Applicable for teams based overseas and subject to terms and conditions.

Build Networks &
Be Mentored

Teams will receive mentorship, guidance, solution refinement and access to key industry contacts from Acceleration Partners.

Prize Money for Winning Teams

One team per challenge can expect to receive SGD 20,000 to SGD 50,000 upon completion of development milestones and the chance for commercialization with Acceleration Partners. Finalists will be also accelerated and enrolled as an IMAS Associate (Fintech) member*

*Annual membership subscription of SGD 2000

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