International Creatineer Competition

Annual AI and Robotics competition jointly organized by SIASUN and HKSTP.

This competition is open to students, startups, and professionals internationally.
Each team can assign a representative to sign-up individually.


The Creatineer Maker space is the first of Robo-themed Maker space created by SIASUN, as well as China’s leading robot enterprise in China.
  • The second innovative incubator in Pudong new area
  • Shanghai municipal science and technology education base
  • Golden Bridge maker space
As the first robotics-themed Maker space China, the Creatineer Maker space is:
  • a fun place for makers of robotics and smart hardware.
  • a robotics business incubator which incorporates technology, marketing, and capital resources.
  • a paradise for robot enthusiasts.
The first area of Creatineer Maker space is 1300 square meters, consists of the open laboratory, robot cafe, children creative park, show hall, the college of maker, the maker nursery and so on.


Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) is a statutory body that has one simple goal – to transform Hong Kong into the regional hub for innovation and technology development.

A hub that will diversify and grow the city’s economy, expand employment opportunities across a multitude of industries, raise Hong Kong’s status as a global powerhouse to a new level, foster talent and interest in STEM as well as offer them highly-sought-after tech careers, and most importantly, help create a sustainable world and brighter future for the younger generation.
Facilities & Services
HKSTP nurtures and helps the science and technology companies under its care to accelerate their growth, innovate and pioneer ground-breaking ideas, by offering them both state-of-the-art facilities as well as value-added services. These range from R&D offices, infrastructure, market-led laboratories, and technical centres with professional support services.