Mobility contest 2023 X Mobilize

The student challenge invites students from all academic levels and backgrounds to present their ideas to foster innovation and sustainability in new mobility for a better future!

About Mobilize

Mobility in general, and particularly the automotive sector, are key to society’s transformation. The role of Mobilize is to identify new challenges and anticipate trends. It is also a certain state of mind and way of working, namely as part of a dynamic technological ecosystem comprised of start-ups and partners. Mobilize is intended to make Renault Group evolve in the world of new mobility.
Mobilize represents a complete ecosystem comprised of the best in tech, engineering, design, services and finance, enhanced with the expertise of Renault Group, its start-ups and partners. Mobilize’s packaged and flexible offers facilitate mobility, for individuals, companies, transport operators and goods delivery operators.
Mobilize is inventing the mobility of the future, from smartphones to vehicles, from charging stations to batteries…. These new forms of mobility make use of technological advances to simplify daily life and accelerate the energy transition.

About Renault Group

When you think of Renault Group, you probably think about iconic cars, an international company bolstered by a unique Alliance with Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors, a presence in Formula 1 and futuristic concepts.

But do you know what goes on behind the scenes in this unique human and industrial adventure? More than 111 000 employees in 38 countries propelled by a single driving force: passion. Where does this energy come from? From our shared mission: providing sustainable mobility to all around the world

Mobilize X Renault Group: Renault Group’s strengths are the driving force behind the Mobilize revolution. The innovations developed as a result are reinventing the carmaker’s vision of mobility.