The Women’s Forum Youth Lab: Tech4Women 2022

Let’s Leverage Tech to Reduce Gender Inequalities… TOGETHER!

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Since its creation in 2005, the Women’s Forum has emerged as the leading international platform for transforming the power of women’s voices and perspectives into forward-thinking economic and policy initiatives for societal change.
In an ongoing campaign for gender equality, its aim is to intensify the presence and influence of women when and wherever governments, healthcare or scientific institutions, businesses, and environmental and economic policymakers are tasked with the ethical, financial, political and humanitarian challenges of a world in flux.
During its annual Global Meeting and regional events, the Women's Forum assembles a worldwide community of top businesswomen, lawmakers, activists and agents of change from numerous sectors of the economy and society. With representatives from over 175 countries and opportunities for executive networking on an international scale, these gatherings serve as both think tanks for effective decision-making and as showcases for the Women's Forum initiatives
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Launched in November 2021 at the Women’s Forum Global Meeting, the Youth Voices Initiative welcomed 100 participants aged between 16 and 25 to take part in the event in person and 10 000 more online. At this occasion, the Women’s Forum Youth Community was created and gave the opportunity for international young representatives to connect between themselves, to enrich their professional networks and to benefit from guidance by the Women’s Forum community members.

Since then, the Youth Voices Initiative has grown to put forward Youth voices and allows youth representatives to be heard by international leaders. In June 2022, at the Women’s Forum Germany held in Berlin, 30 young people from G7 countries gathered in a workshop to build their messages to address to the Women’s Forum audience. On stage, 5 youth representatives had the opportunity to share their G7 Call to Action related to Climate, Health, Gender Biases, Future of Work and Feminist Diplomacy.

In September 2022, the Women’s Forum will launch its Youth Lab: Tech4Women, an international challenge to get students to work together to build innovative solutions to reduce gender inequalities through tech solutions in 4 main areas: climate, health, entrepreneurship and STEM. This will take place online, in the form of a hackathon, and the selected projects will then have the chance to pitch their project at the Women’s Forum Global Meeting taking place in Paris on 29-30 November 2022.

At this occasion, the Youth Voices Initiative will again welcome 100 in person Youth representatives to take part in the event and join a dedicated workshop as well as unlimited online youth representatives.