AI for Future Business Challenge

How can AI be leveraged to improve efficiency, production and/or effectiveness within traditional sectors?


In a team of 2 to 4 people, develop a project that helps improve efficiency, production, and/or effectiveness within traditional sectors by leveraging AI, along with conducting a market analysis on the sector/business area. At the end of this challenge your project should include:
- A market analysis on the sector/business area,

- An innovative (new to market) product or service that will meet a need/desire within that sector/business area,

- A high-level marketing and adoption strategy.


Use Microsoft Azure to bring your ideas to life and Microsoft Learn to develop new skills surrounding AI.
Your idea must be based on one of the five given sectors: Food Service, Hospitality & Tourism, Agriculture, Supply Chain & Logistics, Industrial Manufacturing
We encourage all participants to take advantage of $100 in free Microsoft Azure credits and explore AI Learning Modules to learn new skills and spark new ideas for the challenge!
You can find more resources and information here






A jury of experts will evaluate your projects based on these criteria:



Does the project offer an original, innovative approach to addressing the selected problem? Is the project ambitious or creative within the constraints of the challenge timeline?



Does your team make effective and appropriate use of the main features of the selected Microsoft tools and technologies? Does the team effectively communicate how AI technology is used to solve the chosen challenge?



Does your team reflect diversity? Does your team have a complementary skill set that enables you to tackle the different aspects of your project?



Does the project address a clear need, problem, or opportunity? Does the project fit the problem it addresses? Does the team have a credible plan for implementing their proposed solution and does the solution have a good product/market fit?