ASEAN Tech Awards 2019

Innovative Solutions to Transform the Future

This competition is open to startups in the ASEAN region.

Voice of the Customer

Raising Customer Expectations on Service Stations and Lubricants Workshops
Customer expectations are constantly increasing. Retailers who succeed in capturing the customers’ confidence are leveraging on innovative solutions to understand and improve their offerings to meet the customers’ needs.
The Challenge is to develop non-intrusive solutions to assess customers’ satisfaction.
Total is a major energy player that aims to make our customer visits to Total service stations and Total Quartz Auto Care (TQAC) workshops, personalized and hassle free. Total is committed to make our customer journey Easy, Engaging and Enjoyable.
In order to differentiate our services and make Total as the customer’s brand of choice, we would need to develop a seamless and non-intrusive solution to identify and gauge customers’ satisfaction level. Through this we hope to understand our customers better in order to improve our service levels and offers to reinforce customer satisfaction and customer retention in the long run.

Your Mission

Responding to Real Time Customer Feedback
Leveraging on digital solutions we are looking for deeper insights into customers’ behavior to enable us understand customers buying behaviors, decision making process and their overall experience (happy, neutral or unhappy) during their visits to Total service stations and Total Quartz Auto Care (TQAC) workshops.
How can Total collect real-time data on customer satisfaction in a seamless and non-intrusive manner?
We are looking for innovative technologies / tools to collect (without human intervention and interference on the customer) and protect the data confidentiality
How can we manage / use this data intelligently and ensure it is integrated with our internal measurement / standards?
The data collected will enable us to assess if our service performance and offerings meet the customers’ expectations. Followed by that to develop improvement action plans to address the shortcomings identified.

Key Capabilities

  • Integrate data sources - Get a holistic picture of our customer, make smarter marketing operational decisions across touchpoints
  • Save time with automation to focus on creativity and strategy planning
  • Achieve the best paths to conversion - Optimize our store operations and customer service for the best shopper journey/sales
  • Predictive engagement analytics - Drive retention by getting alerts when loyal / regular customers are dissatisfied / at risk. This enables quick actions can be taken to address any negative feedback
  • Remote access and monitoring of customer feedback


Chance to realize your projects in collaboration with Total

Invitation to visit Total's office and meet the Management Committee directly

Showcase your winning projects at the Innovation Conference


Total commitment in our service stations around the world:
SAFETY - In each Total station, our customers’ safety is our first priority. To refuel, grab a quick meal, shop or rest, our service stations worldwide are living places where one feels safe. Well-lit stations, available well trained staff and food safety we believe that nothing should be left to chance.
RESPONSIBILITY – Total is committed to providing responsible, available and affordable energy. At Total, our customers can be assured to find verified equipment are in good working conditions, quality products and services that respect the environment. Service station staff act with honesty and integrity at all times and financial transactions leave no room for doubt.
CLEANLINESS – We offer our customers the guarantee of a clean and well-kept station.
PROXIMITY – We are the champion of the close-to-customer approach. Station staff are the ambassadors of our brand: always by the customer’s side, their main objective is to see them smile.
CONVENIENCE – With us our customers are sure to have a fast, fluid and pleasant experience in all circumstances. At Total, we do everything to make the lives of our customers easier: Our stations are easy to find, easy to access and their services are well indicated. We offer our customers a convenient, fast and fluid service so that they can get back on the road with a smile.