Audi Innovation Award

The Audi Innovation Award seeks to empower startups with innovative solutions that impact our daily lives and shape the future of smart mobility


This challenge is open to startups in Taiwan or based in the APAC region

with interest in relocating/expanding its operations to Taiwan.

Applications are now close


Choose your problem Statement

You are a startup in Taiwan in the APAC region that has solutions that can be integrated into Audi Taiwan operation? Then Audi would like to hear from you!

If you are interested in this business opportunity, please submit a proposal that covers one of the following topics:



In a digital era, the classic way of doing business is facing a fundamental transformation that opens new possibilities for customer services and interaction!
Identify new opportunities and ways to create a digital customer experience and to bring customers from online to offline.
How to use fintech to offer reliable financing and checkout processes online to provide better customer experience and consequently increasing sales and lower operational costs? How to offer competitive monthly rates to sell or rent pre-owned vehicles or to monetize inventory?
How to offer insurtech solutions for better coverage, reduce processing time and settlement overhead costs to enhance the overall customer experience?


More than 50% of the world's population now lives in urban areas, which changes the way we live and also requires new retail formats and customer experience

How to operate in an omnichannel environment and use technology (VR, AR, etc.) to create an online and offline guest-centric experience and seamless purchase journey?

How to create a retail experience that attracts potential buyers and promotes Audi’s identity/concept to develop real connections?
How to move from a traditional four-wall dealership towards a real multi-channel store by maximizing showrooms capabilities and engaging in partnerships to sell,  services, and stay connected with customers in innovative ways?
How to stay connected with customers in innovative ways?


 Automotive brands are embracing new sustainable solutions and Taiwan is playing a vital role in it
Audi Taiwan cares about the environment and is looking for innovative solutions in terms of technology as well as design.

We are thinking about how to create a convenient experience for e-vehicle owners when it comes to charging around the city or at home, so they don’t need to worry about payment methods or finding a charging station.

Audi Taiwan also would like to find out how new materials and solutions could contribute to a more sustainable customer and retail experience.