Business Case Competition Edition 3

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Sustainable and Optimized Housing
in Hong Kong

Come up with your most innovative solutions to help Dragages shape the future of economically viable and sustainable housing in Hong Kong! Hong Kong is a major port and global financial hub with a skyscraper-studded skyline. Unfortunately, for Asia’s world city the latter misleadingly conceals a deep-rooted housing crisis which has rocked the livelihoods of millions. 

Do you think a deeper technological integration can solve Hong Kong’s housing woes? Do you believe synergies with multiple partners and local players can reshape the present housing paradigm in Hong Kong? Do you want to help millions of people to get out of the box and lead better and dignified lives?

It's over to you to come up with innovative solutions to initiate the integration of existing technologies and redefine the future of housing in Hong Kong. Develop synergies with local partners (Greater China scope) for your solution to vitalize your project.

We want you to focus on specific ideas and elements that you've looked into in as much depth as possible and come up with a cohesive solution which could be integrated into the buildings of future in Hong Kong.


Structure & Architecture

*Feasible structural and architectural design*

*Sustainable and durable materials*

*Higher quality/lower cost*

Interior & Operations

*Energy, costs & security efficient*

*Optimized general experience*

*Low/no costs adding*

For your inspiration!

Structure and Architecture

Hong Kong’s house prices have spiked 11-15% on an average in the past two years while demand is ever-rising. Therefore, building companies should explore innovation with consideration to certain constraints:
  • Feasible structural and architectural design to achieve a better use of space.
  • Sustainable and durable materials to improve residents’ life.
  • Higher quality/lower cost ratio for future housing complexes

Possible enabling technologies and elements:

  • Biomimicry
  • 3D Printing
  • Recycled materials
  • Green walls
  • Micro-farming
  • Virtual reality

Interiors and Operations

With limited space available in average buildings, Hong Kong has a lot at stake to optimize its current construction and look ahead for new innovative solutions to improve the current standards. In order to gain in efficiency and provide a better experience to all their users, construction companies should bring clever optimizations considering all existing constraints:

  • Make our buildings more efficient in terms of energy, costs, security or general experience.
  • Improve the interiors in Hong Kong apartments without adding to significant costs for residents.

Possible enabling technologies and elements:

  • Smart lightening & heating (Integrated IoT sensors)
  • Automated Security (Facial recognition, fingerprint locks…)
  • Predictive Maintenance (Machine learning)
  • Green resources and technology
  • Virtual & Augmented reality to add layers of available information

Keep in Mind

  • Your project should be realistic & consider limited space as its first constraint.

  • Your proposed solution should be based on existing products/services available in the Greater China ecosystem.

  • Your project must be economically viable: how do we integrate the existing concepts and technologies into HK housing and simultaneously make it affordable and accessible to the general population?

Prizes and Awards

Dragages HK brings you a range of international trips, internship opportunities and tech goodies!

  • 1ST
  • 2ND
  • 3RD


A visit of Dragages’ sister company in Singapore to see the new housing technologies


A Visit to the headquarter in Hong Kong and meet the CEO


Internship opportunity in Hong Kong operations*

*Under reserve to meet the company’s HR requirement


1 set of DJI Spark for each team member


A Visit to the headquarter in Hong Kong and meet the CEO


Internship opportunity in Hong Kong operations*

*Under reserve to meet the company’s HR requirement



Fitbit Versa Smartwatch for each team member


A Visit to the headquarter in Hong Kong and meet the CEO

Internship opportunity in Hong Kong operations*

*Under reserve to meet the company’s HR requirement

About Dragages Hong Kong

From its Asian roots in the early 1900s, Dragages came to Hong Kong more than 60 years ago as a pioneer in sustainable construction, providing innovative and optimal building solutions.

Since then, the company has been involved in a range of landmark projects, across Hong Kong and North Asia, which have put Dragages firmly on the regional and international map.

Today, Dragages is more than a construction company. It is a full-service provider, bringing innovative design, build, finance and operate solutions to its broad client base.

With a track record of successful projects, Dragages is recognized as a pioneer in its industry, spearheading new construction techniques and technologies across its civil, building and electrical installation and maintenance divisions.

As part of a globally-respected network of construction-related companies, headed by Bouygues Construction, Dragages has the support, resources and technical know-how to complete the most technically demanding projects.

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