Elia Group Open Innovation Challenge 2020

Start-ups, innovate to better secure energy related assets and data!

This challenge is open to start-ups worldwide

Securing the energy transition with Elia Group

How to improve the security of energy related assets and data?

Elia Group, one of the 5 leading transmission system operators in Europe, launches the 4th edition of its Open Innovation Challenge with the aim to improve the security of energy related assets and data!

The transformation of the energy landscape, due to ongoing trends such as digitalization, decentralization and electrification (more info here), faces the Elia Group with higher complexity and challenges to forecast, operate and control the grid. As a result, the focus is gradually being shifted from controlling a few large installations to managing and relying on a sum of decentral and smaller units.

On the other hand, the rise of digitalization, technologies and the availability of data enable TSOs to properly manage this increase of complexity. Digitalization is therefore an opportunity but also a threat: more data collection and open, interconnected systems go along with an increasing need of security. Ensuring a reliable electrical system is no longer just a matter of protecting physical assets, but in providing overall solutions that secure both bits and electrons.

Your start-up develops a solution in the field of big data, AI, machine learning, cybersecurity, blockchain, IoT or other?

Do not hesitate to take part in this challenge to partner up with Elia Group and to better secure the energy transition!


Submit your innovative solution to

enhance the security of energy related assets and data!

At stake for the finalists 

A PoC worth €20,000 to develop your solution with Elia Group

All finalists will have the opportunity to meet Elia Group's decision makers and to foster partnerships

Get inspired by tackling one of these challenges


You develop a solution that could prevent non-authorized access to physical sites and installations or that could facilitate the private data access management?

Prevention and detection

You develop a solution that could help in identifying and detecting intrusions on physical assets or to improve the security of data storage and flows?

Guarantee of origin / authenticity

You develop a solution that could enhance the authenticity of data received or metering points?

Reactive handling

You develop a solution that could bring reactive actions to mitigate intrusion, theft of physical assets or that could mitigate and recover from a loss of data?


Any other ideas

Your start-up develops a solution that could match the expectations of an other challenge raised by the theme?

Why Elia Group wants to work with you?

Elia Group is a forward thinking company that is constantly working on maintaining and improving its infrastructures and way of working. The company has a clear ambition to use the agility and technology provided by start-ups to empower the business and services in order to reach its ambitious innovation goals.

“Innovation is about building ecosystems, be able to collaborate with others, to exchange ideas, try things out and build, together, a brighter future.”

- Michael von Roeder, Elia Group Chief Digital Officer

The Open Innovation Challenge is an excellent opportunity for start-ups to work with a large energy company, in a program that is designed to help the start-up succeed and walk away with an actual collaboration agreement after a successful and paid pilot project. Due to the increased visibility of start-ups, the previous editions of the competition have also led to collaborations between Elia Group and participating start-ups, who did not win.

Final Event in Brussels

 The finalists will be invited to the Final Event in Brussels where they will pitch their project to Elia Groups top management and external experts, who will then choose the winning team.


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