e-pocrate 2 challenge

Imagine new solutions to improve the patient care pathway!



Student, professional or young graduate, join the challenge!

It's really simple to join the challenge:



1. Create or join a team

Create or join a team of 2-5 people.

Students, young graduates, health professional... all profiles and candidates are invited to join the challenge.  Build-up a team with various skills and submit the best project! 

2. Download the template

To help you participating, feel free to download this template here.

3. Upload your project

Present your project in 5 slides max and upload your proposal on your online space before October 30, 2016, at 11.59pm.








The partners give you access to data you would need to develop your project or to give you a better idea of the possibilities offered in this challenge.

Open data by L'Assurance Maladie

The "Assurance Maladie" (Health insurrance) gives you data from Sniiram (National information system of the Assurance Maladie). You will find national data about the monthly statistics, about medicine, health centers... Go to data.

Cartographie Etalab

Etalab gives you a cartography of different health data. Health expenses, studies, hospitals, health professionals... Consult data here