Melco Student Hackathon

Innovating Excitement for a New Age

First Timers

Please find below all often asked questions from participants.


You would submit your application and prototype in the first stage for screening.

Shortlisted teams would be mentored by representatives from Melco and Microsoft, and present their idea in the Final. You have more time to finish your idea in a given period of time, hence, it is an Online Hackathon.
Absolutely not. :)

Melco is seeking innovative ideas to revolutionize customer experience in our properties. You do not need to be coming from a business background in order to know how to enjoy the Melco faculties!

Plus, once your idea is being selected, you would meet mentors from Microsoft and Melco to assist you from the technical and business angle respectively. Definitely no worries!
Since you would need to develop a digital transformation solution, a technical background would give you a head start. However, you can team up with members with technical backgrounds and collaborate together.

If you sign up as a sole participate, you can message other incomplete teams through our online platform (the tab ‘team’, and click ‘chat’ to kickstart your conversation). Otherwise, you can join our WhatsApp matchmaking group to match yourself up with your desired profile.

A prototype is an early stage version of your product/solution with only a set of key features. It leaves room for later feedback and improvement through customer testing.

In this case, our platform has a solution for you! Go to the tab ‘team’ and message incomplete teams that are looking for more members. Look through their profile, see who they are looking for, and message them directly by clicking the ‘chat’ button.

Also, you can join the announcement and matchmaking WhatsApp. Please leverage the WhatsApp group and connect with students who are recruiting team members.


The APIs and SDKs toolkit, provided by Microsoft, are available for you. Plus, if you are shortlisted, you would receive mentorship from both Microsoft and Melco to further develop your prototype.


Please find below all often asked questions from participants.


The deadline for the submission is Sunday 9th December 2018 23:59 (GMT+8). No late submissions would be entertained.
You would receive an email from the admin on the Agorize platform and at your provided email address. Please check your junk mailbox. Also, you can join the WhatsApp group for the latest updates and announcements. Link:
The Agorize platform is open for support for any kind of questions.
You would be paired up with representatives from Melco and Microsoft to mentor you in improving your prototype. You would get access with your mentor through the Agorize online platform and co-own an online workspace.
The announcement will be made on Monday 24 December 2018. We advise you to pre-book your agenda accordingly in case you get selected.
The team should accommodate at least 2 members, and at most 4 members.

Yes. However, in order to participate in the Hackathon, you need to participate in teams with no less than 2 members. You can find your potential members via the tab ‘team’ on Agorize platform and start your conversation by clicking the button ‘chat’.

Also, you can join the announcement and matchmaking WhatsApp. Please leverage the WhatsApp group and connect with students who are recruiting team members.


You will receive an email confirmation upon successful registration for the Hackathon.

Information shared by Melco and Microsoft are to be used for the purposes of the Hackathon only. Please see Other Terms & Conditions at!
You will fully own your solution after the Hackathon. All submissions (and all intellectual property rights contained therein) to Melco and Microsoft will be the property of the participants.


Please find below all often asked questions from participants.


You can find your APIs and SDKs Access Codes for the Hackathon in your personal profile. To access your personal profile, just register & participate in the Hackathon.
Teams must submit a presentation of 10 slides detailing their business proposal and a video/GitHub prototype.

Submit your prototype along with the necessary documents in your participant's profile. You can upload as many documents as needed under "your proposal".

There is no template so to say but a list of items that should be included in your presentation (available in the "Selection Process" tab. However, feel free to add anything as long as your submission adheres to the page limit. You submission should not longer than 10 slides. The front page is not included in this limit.

The Judging Panel will evaluate the idea and prototype based on five rubrics:

Originality, Feasibility, Integration of APIs, Technical Depth and Team Availability

You are free to use any kind of technology, tools or datasets that can be found in the public domain as long as you are authorized and have valid licenses to use them.
Melco’s top management from various divisions and Microsoft solution specialists will be the judges for the Hackathon.

The Grand Finale

Please find below all often asked questions from participants.


Communication will be done mainly via email and you can also communicate with organizers using the admin chat.
Similar to the judging criteria for online submission, the rubrics are Business Value, Technical Competency, Innovation, User Experience, and Presentation.

For the Grand Finale, all your team members must be present. You will have a total of 8 minutes for your presentation and prototype demonstration (5 minutes pitch & 3 minutes demo, to order at your preference), followed by a 5-minute Q&A session with the judging panel.
The 3 best teams will be selected for the Grand Finale.
We will support you by arranging consultations with relevant business units and assign mentors, to assist the top 3 teams in refining their pitch.

Only registered and shortlisted participants taking part in the Hackathon are allowed to attend the event.