Mobility contest 2023 X Mobilize

The student challenge invites students from all academic levels and backgrounds to present their ideas to foster innovation and sustainability in new mobility for a better future!

We encourage you to team up with colleagues from different educational backgrounds to build multidisciplinary teams and optimize the development of your ideas.

Do not hesitate to go over the "Teams" tab to hire or join teams!

Challenge Steps

Selection Criteria

Throughout the challenge, your ideas will be evaluated based on the following selection criteria: 
  • Relevancy and Impact (25%): How well does the Deliverable respond to the specific need(s) set out in the Brief? What is the scale of potential business impact? How broad is the impact? How many people will reach your solution?
  • Technical Feasibility (25%): How feasible is the solution to put into practice?
  • Business Value (25%): Are revenue perspectives significant? What is business development potential ? Does the solution make sense financially?
  • Environmental & Social Value (25%): Will the solution be sustainable over the long term? Will it help to reduce mobility CO2 & environmental impacts ? What is the scale of potential social impact?
>> Please note that having a multidisciplinary team will also be taken into consideration in your selection!