Mr.Bricolage challenge - student

Revolutionize the Mr.Bricolage customer experience by combining the strengths of digital technology and stores!


The Challenge Timeline

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How to take part?

Register in the platform, create your profile and upload your deliverable in your personal space.



Application Phase

(Until April, 2nd - 23:59)


Present your project with 3 slides maximum. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to consult our template!

Present your initial observation, present and detail your project key points and show how it can answer the problematic.

Complete it with your ideas and upload the document in PDF format in your personal space.

The best projects will access the recommendation phase.




Recommendation Phase

(Until May, 21st - 23:59)


Features, development stage, customer advantages, business plan. Present your project in the best possible way and add any types of information you will find relevant to understand your solution.

Upload your detailed document in PDF format in your personal space.






The finalists will have to pitch their project in front of the jury and will benefit from great visibility among Mr.Bricolage top management.

You will have to show that your solution is the best!