Play Your Airport - Travellers

The biggest international challenge dedicated to the airport of the future


Your project could fall under one or several of the following categories:

Bear in mind that these categories and areas to consider are given here to inspire you, not as an exhaustive list of ideas! All projects that are designed to improve the airport of the future are eligible to take part in the challenge.


Invent a more practical airport that understands you

- An airport that's easy to access for both you and your luggage. Think of connected objects or smart cars, for example.

- An airport that helps you save time from the moment you leave home

- Create a way of bringing your everyday life with you to the airport.

- Redefine the boundaries between the real and digital worlds. Think of all the potential applications of digital technology in airports and the playground that they could become.

- Create an airport that has no impact on the environment.




An airport that provides you with an exceptional experience.

- What experiences could people have in the airport of the future while waiting for their flight? They could be shared or individual. Don't be afraid to submit creative ideas

- How could you make the airport of the future a leisure destination you would like to visit to relax, whether you're an airport customer or just someone who lives nearby?

- Think of airports near you, but also airports you will travel to in the future, whether as a final destination or in transit.

- Imagine a business trip or a holiday that starts directly in the airport – imagine what it would be like if simply being in the airport was the start of the journey.