Skincare Challenge by NAOS

With NAOS, help to shape the future of skincare professions!


Challenge details

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1 - Register on the platform.

2 - Present your project in a few slides in English or in French, give a detailed explanation, and demonstrate how it can address the issue in question and how your solution could actually be implemented at Naos. Also mention the structure behind your idea – are you a startup, a developer, or something else? – and what stage of development you're at.

3- Submit your document in PDF format directly online.

The best startups will be selected for the final stage.



Each finalist startup will be supported by a Naos mentor.

Offering advice, business vision and support as well as answering questions, these mentors will guide the finalists in preparation for the final!



Has your startup been chosen for the final? You'll need to present your project to the grand jury to win the challenge! 

You'll have seven minutes of presentation time followed by a five-minute Q&A session.

Be clearconcise and convincing!

Selection criteria

Your project will be assessed on its short-term feasibility, its relevance in terms of the given topic, and whether it could be put into practice at Naos.

How well your project fits with Naos's values and its teams will also be a major criterion in the selection process.