Team up for climate!

Adapting and living together in the face of climate risks

Upcoming webinars which will be displayed on this page

02/02 at 11 am (CET) – Opening Webinar – Introduction to the challenge, presentation of Earth University and presentation of topic, rules and guidelines



16/02 at 11 am (CET) – Webinar #02 – Topic explanation : Concepts and illustration of solutions.

  • What we now about climate risks (drivers and IPCC risk evaluation)
  • Adaptation to climate change (range of responses, potential in terms of risk reduction, main challenges faced when asking about 'solutions').


24/02 at 11 am (CET) – Webinar #03 – Inspiring Solutions: Presentation of Yes We Camp and Egis initiatives.

  • How to offer an innovative use of available spaces in cities to meet the ambition welcoming the most vulnerable and living together as local co-producer of the territory?
  • How to assess and solution the climate vulnerability of an infrastructure?


28/02 at 11 am (CET) – Webinar #04 – Inspiring Solutions: Presentation of some Egis projects and adaptation tools.

  • How to fight against heat waves in an urban context? ICE and open source tool developed by Egis
  • How to prevent marine submersion in western African coasts? Case studies in Ghana and other countries
  • How to take into account the feelings and perceptions of inhabitants when dealing with heat waves or energy insecurity? Outputs of research projects led by Ouishare