Zurich InsurTech Challenge

Reimagine a customer’s journey for improved health insurance - from patient admission, hospitalization discharge to claim reimbursement by providing a more transparent and seamless experience.

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Insurance providers hold extensive customer data to handle and develop claim processing systems. Keep in mind that this data needs to be protected and secure, while efficiently managed to serve the customer. Zurich Insurance Group is looking for unique solutions to complement and enhance existing products, as well as future project developments.


Customer challenges






How can I find out what am I entitled to with my policy at a glance?

It’s an emergency, I need to know now if my insurance will fully or partially cover this procedure?

Why do I need to provide more information to process my claim?




Insurance provider challenges






Customers expect a more digitized service.

Any new processes implemented need to be simple for all stakeholders: customers, healthcare providers, and third-party administrators.

Data must continue to be protected, secure and accurate.  

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