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Revolutionize the construction sector with 3D concrete printing!

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Discover the potential of 3D concrete printing in pictures

3D printing is the name used by the general public to refer to additive manufacturing processes - i.e. a process of creating objects by adding successive layers of material.

Urban Development category

Perfectly suited to the architectural limitations of our cities, in this case, 3D concrete printing has been used to make benches and an outdoor table. Because it can be used to produce complex, optimized and unique shapes at a reasonable cost, research into using 3D printing as part of urban development is under way.


What we expect from you: submit a 3D model of an item of urban street furniture, then tell us its story and how it fits into the place of your choosing.
Examples: benches, tables, concrete flowerbeds, lamp posts, bus shelters, etc.


More examples in pictures

Structural Elements category

Perfectly suited to buildings’ architectural limitations, in this case, 3D concrete printing has been used to produce a 4-metre-high post that supports a covered walkway at a secondary school in Aix-en-Provence. Because it can be used to produce complex shapes at a reasonable cost, 3D printing provides a means of using form as a way of boosting performance, and has shown itself to be particularly well-suited to structural and construction elements.


What we expect from you: submit a 3D model of a structural element and put into context in its environment.
Examples: columns, poles, walls, etc.


XtreeE's expertise

In order to become one of the leading players in 3D concrete printing, VINCI Construction has chosen to surround itself with the very best, signing a partnership with the startup XtreeE, the number one French techno-provider in this segment.


Thanks to its expertise in additive manufacturing, XtreeE enables VINCI to develop innovative 3D printing technologies in the construction sector that offer new outlooks for the industry.


The multidisciplinary team at XtreeE are masters of the 3D printing chain from design to manufacture. They work on every stage of architecture and design projects, from start to finish.


XtreeE is capable of understanding architectural challenges and offers its clients technical design solutions for projects that are still at the draft stage.


XtreeE technology


The XtreeE process carefully manages the concrete's setting time during printing, allowing pieces to be made with particularly complex geometry. Combined with a high level of accuracy and repeatability, the result is unrivalled printing quality.

However, there are certain limits that must be respected in order to make best use of the possibilities that 3D concrete printing offers:

    • Eulerian printing pathway: each strip must be continuous (to use an analogy, it's like drawing without taking the pencil off the paper).
    • Maximum strip dimensions and angles without support (strips can be joined to each other).


Potential manufacturing strategies: simple direct printing, criss-cross printing, or a combination of these with traditional methods (poured concrete or UHPC, etc.).

Take inspiration from existing XtreeE projects and surprise us!