Ask Jerry Challenge by Pernod Ricard China

Ready to take on the challenge?

We hope that you could transcend the latest digital trends into your design for leveraging our community while taking into consideration Chinese customers' behaviors.

The expanding importance of online communities and digital social interactions in China is undeniable, but there are still pain points in the market.

Furthermore, think about how to tackle some of the challenges for both customers and bar owners. These challenges are not exhaustive and should be further developed.



  • Lack of relevant information about cocktail


The public still knows little about the history/recipe/customs of cocktails. And it is difficult for consumers to get relevant information without the right medium. The Ask Jerry platform aims to inform consumers of where to go, what to order, and how to drink when it comes to cocktails.

Customized service is what we are looking for/offering!


  • Changing customer behavior – Digitization


Going online is gradually becoming the social norm as mobile wallet has revolutionized the world of payments. But mobile commerce is not only about online shopping – it's about providing holistic value-added services to deliver a personalized and tailor-made experiences.

Ask Jerry Platform is to embrace the digital realm!

Bartenders/ Bar Owners

  • Lack of Community for cocktail lovers


There is a need to build a community for bartenders and bar owners since the common situation is that they are scattered and lack connection. How to get more recognition remains a problem for a lot of bar owners.


  • Lack of structured services in the cocktail business


It is difficult for cocktail lovers to engage with large groups of specialized bartenders and help each other. Training for bartenders is not systematic since there are very few structured communities. It is also an issue where to get updates or relevant news about the cocktail industry (e.g. new openings, bartenders’ movements, job opportunities, history/recipe, trends).