Innovation Challenge for Carbon Management | Startup Challenge

Create a better future for the next generations through the Circular Economy!

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This challenge is open to startups across the world

Selection Criteria

 The projects will be assessed following the criteria below:

  • Value of the addressed issues:

    Is there a real need in the market to address this issue? How many people are impacted by it?

  • Potential to create a strong customer base:

    How big is the market you are targeting? Who (companies/individuals) make up the target segment?

  • Innovativeness of the technology and business model:

    How innovative is the technology used and the business model? How are they different from others?

  • Feasibility:

    How feasible is the solution to put into practice? Does the solution make sense financially? Will the solution be sustainable over the long term?

  • Impact:

    What is the scale of potential social impact? How broad is the impact? How many people will your solution reach? How significant is the impact?

  • Synergy with Hitachi (Mentoring phase only):

    To what extent is your solution in line with Hitachi’s values of social innovation?