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Future Mixed-Use of Spaces in Hong Kong

Design a mixed-use development for future working and living
in a sustainable way after 20 years in Hong Kong

Given the unique composition of Hong Kong, there is a constant call for creative solutions to resolve the deep-rooted competition for the RIGHT usage of space. Coupled with the social and cultural transformation in this new generation, how will the future of Hong Kong as a city look like in 20 years?

Great Eagle were among the first batch of developers to take part in urban redevelopment projects in Hong Kong. Our development project - Langham Place in Mongkok was the biggest urban renewal project in Hong Kong. It is a mixed-use development consisting of a shopping mall, office tower and hotel.

You now have the opportunity to take this into your own hands. Your mission is to design THE development project that could meet the needs of different lifestyles and demographics that functions well into the future. Show us your vision of how a sustainable mixed-use development space for working, playing, learning, connecting and living would look like 20 years from now.

Rather than specializing in single-use development, mixed-use development refers to spaces that integrate work, home, shopping, transportation, and even green spaces. It could be seen as a place that meets future needs with flexibility in design and function, to make it in a new form and enhance its functional efficiency on a 24/7 basis.

The innovative solutions must include the use of technologies, for example, using AI to analyze user behaviours. It should also consist of sustainable elements to ensure the development runs in an eco-friendly way.


Begin brainstorming from the point of view of Great Eagle's triple bottom line framework of sustainability which consists of:


How will your innovative solutions address the anticipated demands and achieve sustainable PROFITS for the company?


 How will your development benefit the PEOPLE using it and thus, the community?


How will the PLANET benefit from your development and facilitate development of the next generation?


The proposal should cover the following 5 parts:
  1. What will life be like in 2039 in Hong Kong?
  2. What are the people's needs at that time?
  3. The proposed mixed-use development (Please state the proportion of combination of space use)
  4. How sustainable your development is?
  5. Evaluation parameters for your development
Overall evaluation criteria:
  • Your project should be realistic. Feasibility and potential to execute such development is crucial.
  • Consider the best method to maximize quality and lowering cost at the same time.
  • Application of new technologies is a must.
  • Your solution should be sustainable and scalable over a long period of time


  • 1st
  • 2nd
  • 3rd


Sponsored trip to Sweden for a sustainability conference*
Internship opportunities#

* Winners are required to have a post-trip meeting with Great Eagle to present takeaways from the trip

# Under reserve to meet the company’s HR requirement


HKD 15,000 for the team
Internship opportunities#

# Under reserve to meet the company’s HR requirement


HKD 10,000 for the team
Internship opportunities#

# Under reserve to meet the company’s HR requirement

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