Play Your Airport 2 - Company

The biggest international challenge dedicated to the airport city

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Show that you're essential to creating a unique airport city

Groupe ADP wants to include the most innovative startups and SMEs in the development of its urban areas and its real estate projects to help boost the Roissypole district’s prestige. Does your startup have genuine added value to offer to the district and the people who make it what it is? Are you looking to boost your company’s growth? Don’t waste another second – take part in Season 2 of the Play Your Airport challenge.

Groupe ADP may offer partnerships to any innovative startups and companies that take part in the challenge, whether they are the winners or not.

Because we value collaboration, you’ll keep all intellectual property rights to your project following the challenge.


The prizes to be won

  • 1st


Remember – a POC is a chance to test out your solution, with a total of €40k of funding available. If the trial proves successful, you can then negotiate a sales agreement with Groupe ADP to put your product into use right across the industry.

Visibility in the ParisWorldWide magazine and Groupe ADP’s business areas.

A pitch to Groupe ADP’s Executive Committee.

A chance to meet with the investment team at Groupe ADP’s innovation hub.

Your mission

Roissypole has grown along with the airport, and is home to a range of businesses that are attracted to the area’s excellent connections and its many hotels. The aim now is to help Roissypole take it to the next level by making it more appealing, better connected, more urban, more enjoyable and safer – but above all, by transforming it into a living environment that creates a sense of well-being. Whatever their needs, mood and pace of life, everyone should be able to find what they’re looking for in terms of services, information, or work and recreational spaces.

This means re-writing the area’s entire marketing strategy. Your project should energize the district by offering new services and new experiences at the heart of the airport city

Imagine your potential partnership with Groupe ADP by presenting your solution and the added value it brings. It’s over to you to prove that you’re essential to creating a unique airport city!



Ideas for inspiration

Urban development

Submit your plan for developing underused areas in the Roissypole district


Services and retail

Develop new and appealing services or retail offerings that fit with the district’s growth



Imagine how you could build a community and pass on information to people in the district



Does your startup have genuine added value to offer to the Roissypole district? 
Share your project with us!



Any and all projects that are designed to energize the Roissypole district are eligible to take part in the challenge. Bear in mind that we’re not asking you for a catalogue of ideas setting out the details of this future city – instead, we want you to focus on one or several in-depth ideas that could be integrated into the Roissypole district. Also remember that Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport isn’t the focus of this challenge.

Proposals must be achievable in the near future. Prioritize finding a business model that ensures your project’s sustainability.

The project should take diversity – including culture, age, place of origin and disability – into account.

An international challenge that's open to all
You can only take part in one challenge


For students and recent graduates.


Roissypole District

For Roissypole employees and for travellers.