Play Your Airport 2 - Student

The biggest international challenge dedicated to the airport city

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Your playing field

Two green spaces, a central square and the buildings in the district (train station, halls of the buildings, etc.) are ready and waiting to host your ideas! 

The aim is to transform the Roissypole district into an appealing city district that is connected, urban, enjoyable and relaxing. These spaces are frequented by employees and travellers alike and boast excellent up-and-coming real estate. 
Let your imagination run wild!

The business district 

Central spaces ready to host your ideas

A few ideas for inspiration 


Bear in mind that these categories and suggestions are designed to inspire you, rather than being an exhaustive list of ideas.
Any project designed to bring new energy to the Roissypole district is eligible to take part in the challenge.

Services for businesses and travellers

Design new services for the district to make it a genuine living space.  
- What future services aimed at Roissypole’s travellers and its tertiary sector workers could boost its appeal and create a climate of well-being?
- What services could re-energize the district, and what activities could attract travellers and employees?

Examples of existing projects:  a nursery for professionals’ children, a concierge service that offers a range of services within one of the buildings in the district, etc.

Events in public spaces

Suggest innovative solutions to bring public spaces to life and enable employees and travellers to become both spectators and stakeholders in events in the districts.
- How could you make Roissypole into a place that’s synonymous with good living, an urban centre of relaxation and leisure and somewhere that makes people want to come back?
- How could regional and events-based communication be developed to bring Roissypole’s everyday residents together? 

Examples of existing projects:  organizing a range of free exhibitions at the Maison de l’Environnement, etc.

New urban development 

Bring a sense of unity to the district.
- How could the business district be developed to give professionals a better experience? 
- How could the various squares be reorganized to capture the flows that pass through them? How could public areas and green spaces be put to good use?

Examples of existing projects: food trucks installed on the busiest routes, developing a new and cutting-edge pedestrian mall, etc.