Play Your Airport - Student

Groupe ADP is offering you a unique experience: Reinvent the customer experience in the airports of the future!

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Your project could fall under one or several of the following categories:

Bear in mind that these categories and areas to consider are given here to inspire you, not as an exhaustive list of ideas! All projects that are designed to improve the airport of the future are eligible to take part in the challenge.


The airport in the city

-In tomorrow's world, what services could be available directly in cities? (e.g. baggage check-in? Security checks? etc.)

-An idea for an app or a site to make your life easier before even getting to the airport?



From the city to the airport

-How could you simplify passengers' journeys from their home or hotel to their plane seat, or even to their final destination?

-How could you help to transport luggage? Should it follow its owner's route or could you simplify travellers' lives using smart or autonomous baggage, for example?

-How could smart vehicles or the sharing economy lead to faster, more efficient, cheaper or less polluting transport?




The city in the airport

-How to conciliate comfort and environmental impacts reduction?

-How could you make airports nicer places to be? Why not make them a place that appeals to locals, who could visit it to relax or to spend leisure time rather than just because of travel plans?

-How could you make moving around the terminal easier?

-How could you simplify processes surrounding departures, connections and arrivals?

-How could you improve the welcome given to passengers, for example using robotics or new layouts?

-How could you improve the quality of life of people who work at airports (quality of working life)?

-Do you have an idea for an innovative product or service that could be useful in airports?




The zero environmental impact airport

-Propose solutions that maximize environmental and energy performance.

-Invent eco-friendly services to improve the airport experience