RTE Smart Innovation Challenge

Innovate in the Electricity Network sector!

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This Challenge is now over, find out about the results here!

Share your sustainable and eco-friendly ideas to build the grid of the future

RTE, the operator of France's electricity transmission grid, is launching an open innovation challenge to address environmental issues and tackle the latest consumer expectations in terms of CSR! To achieve these goals, RTE is inviting startups, SMEs, students, charities, designers, architects and artists to focus on the following question :


What innovative solutions could be implemented to get the best out of France's infrastructure and make its electricity grid even more eco-friendly?


Tomorrow's electricity grid will be even more secure, efficient, economic, clean and environmentally friendly. RTE has always evolved constantly, and in the face of new challenges such as integrating intermittent energy sources or self-produced electricity, it is picking up the pace. RTE wants you to design and create innovative solutions to a range of CSR issues.

And up for grabs is the chance to see your project put in place on RTE infrastructure, be given help and support from energy sector experts, and a range of other prizes.

To bring innovation to tomorrow's electricity transmission grid, RTE is inviting you to tackle the issues of the environment and CSR challenges – why not focus on one of the following CSR themes?




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Consultations and

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RTE will support the first team, for a maximum of €80K, in the development of a full-scale test of their project!


Furthermore, the winning team will have the opportunity to experience a VIP journey into the heart of RTE Electricity Network. 


VIP Journey

The second and third team will be invited to take part in a one-in-a-lifetime experience in the heart of RTE Electricity Network!

Visits to the French Electric Control Center, discovery of RTE work activities during showrooms and other surprises await the winning teams!


Finalists will pitch their project in front of the Top Management of RTE! 

Encouraging and promoting innovations from startups

A look back at the 2015 challenge

It's important to be able to seek out innovation right at the source. With this in mind, RTE acts as a growth accelerator for young businesses, which provide high-potential technology in return. It's a win-win arrangement that helps to support the regions in which these startups are based. 

The 'RTE – Smart Grids' challenge organized as part of the French industrial plan of the same name in 2015 gave 17 startups the opportunity to put forward solutions to improve observations of electrical infrastructure and collect data that could be used to improve it. Four startups were given prizes for projects with solutions that were either at the concept stage or existed as versions that could be tested in real-life situations. These companies are now stakeholders in trials at our facilities in which their solutions are being tested.

About RTE

RTE – Réseau de Transport d’Electricité is a service company.

Our central mission is to provide all of our customers with access to an affordable, safe and clean electricity supply.

RTE connects its customers using an adapted network and provides them with all the tools and services that allow them to make the grid work best for their needs, with a focus on economic efficiency, respect for the environment, and supply security. As such, RTE manages, maintains and develops the high- and extra-high-voltage transmission grid. It ensures the proper operation and safety of the electrical system.

RTE transmits electricity between electricity suppliers (both French and European) and consumers, whether they are electricity distributors or industry customers who are directly connected to the transmission grid. With 105,000 km of lines of between 63,000 and 400,000 volts and 50 cross-border lines, the French grid is connected to 33 European countries, providing electricity trading opportunities that are essential for optimum economic performance of the electricity grid.

RTE employs 8,500 people.


Final Event

Finalists Team will have the opportunity to Pitch in front of the Top Management of RTE!