Challenge the Insurance of Tomorrow!

How can the IoT and Big Data help better serve policyholders?

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Discover the winners of the TD Insurance student challenge

The final event of the first TD Insurance Challenge powered by Agorize took place in Montreal on May 3rd, 2018 🚀

After 4 months of competition, 205 applications, 769 participants from 31 countries and of 48 nationalities, the 3 finalist teams flew to Montreal to pitch their project in front of TD Insurance's Product Team ✈️

Discover the 3 winning teams of this transatlantic student challenge aiming at transforming the Insurance industry using IoT and big data!

1st place

Alzomotic offers a smart home box that facilitates the lives of people suffering from Alzheimer's and their families.

- Maéva N'GOME
- Sarah Caugant
- Sébastien Mines
(IICP Paris and CFA-INSTA)

2nd place

HART conceived "VictorIA", the e-concierge that automates and facilitates incident management.

- Hugh Hardoux
- Tom Gallas
- Romain Hergas
- Alexandre Duperrin
(PSB Paris School of Business)

3rd place

Insta-Cov facilitates insurance subscription by having people "shazam" the goods they wish to insure, thus receiving instant-quotes

- Emilie Trémoureux
- Eloi BLOT
- Youcef Kedjar
- Pauline Antoine
(EPF - Engineering School)

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to you all for pitching your project with so much passion!