The AI Challenge - Startup

Your startup uses Artificial Intelligence technologies to disrupt everyday life? Join the AI Challenge and bring your startup to the next level. 

Your project may fit into one or more of the following categories:

Please note that these categories and areas of reflection are here to inspire you, it is not an exhaustive list of ideas. Any project to revolutionize Artificial Intelligence is eligible to participate in the challenge.


Everyday life

How will AI-technologies improve the client experience? What solution will change the communication with companies in the future?


Corporate life

In the business world, we encounter different AI-technologies depending on the professional field. Whether it is robotics in medicine or machine learning in finance or marketing. AI-technologies help there employees tasks at work.

In this Challenge, you have to imagine new ways of using AI-technologies to make life easier for employees and add value to their efficiency and productivity.



Mobility will change dramatically in the future. Ride sharing, car sharing services and peer 2 peer lending services are sparking up in major cities today. In the future, we might all use autonomous cars in our daily commute to work.

Your challenge is to find new ways of AI technology supporting customers in their mobility demands. Don’t solely concentrate on the mobility and route finding aspect but also consider intelligent payment and multi-modal travel as fields of interest.


Present your talent, your idea and concept and bring mobility to the next level.


The Ultimate Machine Learning Challenge and Client Experience

Better After Sales Services and an improved client experience can be achieved through Artificial Intelligence - and your concept can make the difference to bring client centricity to the next level.


Try to use AI, to develop the ‘holy grail’ in Machine Learning, a Virtual Digital Assistant (VDA) able to manage the complete live chat experience alone and would require no human intervention, and will only go to an agent if escalated by the customer.


VDA is able to reduce calls to the agents whilst driving sales of products to customers. The goal is to create a VDA that fully understands and interacts with customers while learning from and assisting their human co-workers. Thus, the customer experience will be delegated to a VDA across all categories and domains. The VDA will also be trained to use contextual information for a completely personalized conversation with live chat agents.


The VDA should have the following characteristics: Advanced conversational agent (able to handle complex conversations naturally) and multi-domain support & knowledge base integration.