The Trail by VINCI Construction

Imagine tomorrow's construction industry!


The challenge step by step

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1. Register on the platform.

2. Build up a team of 4 members (this is mandatory

3. Submit your participation by uploading:

- a 3-slide PDF document in english.

- a short video presentation (1 min 30 sec max) in english




The selected teams for the second stage will be mentored by VINCI Construction experts to develop their project. 

They will also be invited to regional awards ceremonies.

The finalist teams will be announced during the regional awards ceremonies to take part to the Final Event: The Trail!






The finalist teams will be invited to a 2-day event, on May 17 and 18, to pitch their project (up to 3 minutes per presentation!).

The Trail event will be the opportunity to take part in great sports challenges! 


To take part in the Trail by VINCI Construction, you will need to submit 2 documents before April 1st, 11.59 PM (CET)


1. A 3-slide PDF presentation document.

Bring your solutions and present your project in a 3-slide PDF. Show the benefits of your project, the technologies you want to incorporate, the profits...



Here's a template to help you out!

Fill in the document and upload it directly on your participation space!  


2. A video presentation

Present your project in a short video (1 minute 30 seconds max). Illustrate your project and show that your solution is the best one! 

To submit your video, upload it on a video-sharing platform (Youtube, Vimeo, dailymotion or others...) and copy-paste the link of your video on your participation space.

Tips: To help you create this video, you can use your smartphone or tools like,,,, or ... If you include your voice, please make sure to add english subtitles.


Be creative and innovative! 

The Trail

The finalist teams will be invited during 2 days in Annecy, France, to take part in The Trail.

Sports challenge, team spirit, cooperation, presentation to the final jury... a great program will challenge you!