Pioneering the packaging of tomorrow

Sources of Inspiration
Packaging is primordial as a mean for content preservation and marketing support. 
To help you with your design, you will find some of the main influences on food packaging design listed below.
Pick and choose, match and mix, be creative!
But one must not be at the cost of the other two.
Don't forget, your proposal can rely totally on steel, or include a mix of materials. However, steel must be the dominant material.

Better fit for new lifestyles

Think of new designs which help steel packaging fit into modern lifestyles and new habits.

Improving consumer's experience

Your design should improve the consumer's experience of packaging. You can leverage existing functionality or create innovative new solutions using steel.

Make it stand out

Redesign the look and feel of steel packaging to make it stand out on the shelf as a modern product.

As a packaging material, steel has some unique mechanical and environmental properties

Steel is reliable

Steel is strong, formable, weldable, durable. It's the best material to protect and preserve food for the long-term. 

Steel is safe

Steel offers a complete barrier against air, water and light to ensure the contents of the packaging remain fresh and nutritious.

Steel is convenient

Steel packaging can be portion-sized or large scale. It has a very long shelf-life at ambient temperature.

Steel is healthy

Food packaged in steel has equivalent vitamin content of fresh food. 

Steel is sustainable

Steel is a permanent material, infinitely recyclable, and easily recovered thanks to its magnetic properties. Of all the steel packaging sold in Europe, 79.5 percent is recycled!

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