Babbel Challenge 2018

Help us shape the future of language learning.

Change the future of 

language learning

Are you a developer based in Europe? Is your talent serving things that matter to you? At Babbel, we're committed in building bridges between people, cultures and aspirations; to bring forward more curiosity and more empathy. With over 600 people from 53 nationalities working together in Berlin and NYC, we've built the world's top-grossing language-learning app, driven by the vision of everyone learning languages. And guess what? That mission needs you! 

Take up the Challenge
...and win a trip to New York

Babbel’s classic product makes digital language-learning possible through a number of trainer functions that teach users language concepts through text, images, and audio (please find examples in the “Trainers” section).

This challenge is your invitation to build a trainer with your unique fingerprint, showcasing your own design intuition and technical creativity. Help us shape the future of language learning! Reinvent language-learning in the digital space, and connect people to new worlds and new experiences through the journey a new language offers!


  • 1st
  • 2/10


Win a week in New York for two including flights worth about 5.000 euros!



Teams ranked from 2nd to 10th place will win a 12 months Babbel subscription for all languages, worth 99 euros each!

A few topics for inspiration:

Learn that Tune

Some people learn better when the lesson is in the form of a song. A trainer that incorporates song lyrics could help our learners retain information better.


Finding new ways to allow our trainers to be accessible (e.g. by the blind or deaf) would ensure that EVERYONE is learning languages.

Teach the Teacher

Can you teach a computer to speak a language? Can you teach it to teach you?

Virtual Learning

Being able to learn how to speak virtually using everyday situations (like ordering at a restaurant) would allow our learners to get the right help at the right time.

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Feel free to ask if you need more technical insight.
Oct. 2018

Pitches from finalists, award ceremony and celebration in Berlin!
Finalists' travel expenses will be covered up to 250€ per person (500€ per team).


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