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About Biogaran

Biogaran was founded in 1996 specifically to address the development of a new and then-unknown market: generic medicines.

We help to reduce public health spending thanks to the price of our medicines and our work to ensure they are used properly.

Today, our expertise can be seen in the different ranges we offer, treating everything from minor everyday ailments with the Biogaran Conseil® range, to more serious illnesses with our prescription medicines, both within and outside hospitals.

A French laboratory, Biogaran now distributes more than 271 million boxes of medicine every year (source: GERS July 2018) and, in just a few years, has become the third-largest laboratory in France by number of medicines delivered to patients (source: GERS July 2018).

Our vision is clear and simple: we look at health and medicines from patients’ point of view.

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