Ricoh Challenge: The Future of the Multifunction-Printer

Ricoh is seeking groundbreaking ideas that can disrupt the conventional understanding of the “multifunctional printer”, and envision its possible future adaptations.

Choose from 4 categories

Ricoh Challenge: The Future of the Multifunction-Printer comprises of 4 key themes. Each exploring the different possibilities for the future of MFP (multi-functional printer/peripheral)
Solutions for a world with paper

Propose a solution that leverages the need for paper in modern industries.

Solutions for a paperless world

For non-material printing, how should printers and scanners evolve to still be relevant in the workplace? How can physical hardware be repurposed?

Solutions for the future*

Create and develop new innovative solutions based around Ricoh’s core solutions. 

Wild Card

Development of an innovative solution/creative ideas to create a potential future partnerships with Ricoh, regardless of category.