Challenge the Insurance of Tomorrow!

How can the IoT and Big Data help better serve policyholders?


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A three-stage process



Stage 1 - Ideation
From January 8th to February 25th 2018


  1. Create or join a team of 2-5 students. Each team needs to present their idea in around five slides, using the presentation template on the platform. 
  2. Each team then uploads their application to their personal area before 23.59 (GMT+0) on February 25th 2018!

    Please Note : This challenge is open to students residing in Europe or North America.

Stage 2 - Expansion
From March 14th to April 8th 2018


After the jury announces their results on March 14th 2018, the teams behind the 20 selected projects will:

  1. Receive online coaching from TD Insurance experts via the challenge platform.
  2. Use their coach's recommendations to improve their project (technical development and feasibility, cost estimates, video, prototyping, etc.).
  3. Upload a promotional video (4 minutes maximum) to the platform before 23.59 (GMT+0) on April 8th 2018!
  4. Add up to 10 slides of additional information to their project (optional).


Stage 3 - Final
May 3rd 2018


After the second jury announces its results on April 12th 2018, the 5 teams of finalists will have the opportunity to pitch their solutions to the TD Insurance product innovation team! The final is a chance for participants to:

  1. See their project come to life.
  2. Get themselves noticed by TD Insurance.
  3. Win a range of prizes!

Your solution will be evaluated on 3 criteria

Originality (20%)

Does your project already exist in the industry or is it a radical innovation?

Feasibility (40%)

How feasible is your project in a near future? Is it technically speaking achievable? Is it realistic in terms of business perspectives?


Relevance (40%)

Is your project answering the topic of the challenge? Is your project, in one way or another, fitting with TD Insurance business?