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CBC and Innovation

CBC’s Digital Products, staffed by more than 100 technical architects, managers, developers, designers and researchers, creates digital experiences and platforms used by millions of Canadians daily.

Our teams include machine intelligence, native apps and emerging platforms, content distribution, web presentation, UX, and data management platform. We’re building recommendation systems that pierce filter bubbles and recommend valuable content to our audience, personalization systems that allow users to customize their experience, a kids news website, and much more.

We work in an Agile environment— taking a build, measure, learn approach to creating and managing our products. We’re constantly exploring what’s next and how we can create products that better serve our audience, running A/B tests and benchmarking with rigorous analytics. Every four weeks we host integrated demos where teams have an opportunity to showcase what they’ve worked on.

Along with developing and maintaining CBC’s various digital products, we also work on new projects and innovative ideas during our designated 20 per cent time. We developed a skill for the Amazon Echo before it was available in Canada that is now the default news skill for all Canadian Echoes; and worked closely with Google to develop Android Instant Apps.

For two weeks this past spring, our entire department cleared their calendars for an Innovation Sprint. Twenty-seven innovative projects were pitched, ranging from an augmented reality news app, to a kids smart speaker game. Teams self-organized and worked together to build their ideas to the POC or MVP phase— providing staff with an opportunity to collaborate with people they’d never worked with before, take on new roles and learn new skills.

At the end of the Sprint, teams showcased their projects. Now, a few months after the Sprint, some of these projects are now in development.

CBC Digital Products is always exploring new and innovative ways to inform, enlighten and entertain Canadians. The digital labs blog gives more insight into the cool things we’re working on. 

Check out the video below for a glance into our Innovation Sprint!