Faster Mind Challenge 3rd edition

How to challenge logistics to contribute to a sustainable world?

Relive the Final Ceremony of the Faster Mind challenge edition 3rd

Faster Mind Challenge Final!

The Final of the Faster Mind Challenge took place on Thursday, May 9th at the headquarter office of FM Logistic in Paris!

The 5 finalist teams pitched their project in front of a Jury made of top international management and staff members from FM Logistic.

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And the winners are...

Ambitiously green

The winning team from Poland Ambitiously green proposes to use asparagus eolienne to provide a new perspective for consume less bad energy.


The team from NG Concept Sensolight have proposed an idea that comes from the world of connected houses by applying it for the very first time to the world of industry: SensoLight, geolocated light sensors.


The team from Spain have presented a method of parcel delivery using the metro network of large cities since the main infrastructure is already available so costs are reduced.


The team from France proposed to use a biodegradable plastic to wrap the pallets in the warehouses. As logistics warehouses receive a lot of filmed pallets every day.


The team from Russia have presented a unique warehouse with a cylinder shape with an elevator in the center.3 floors on the ground and 2 floors below for saving the expenditures for refrigerators.